Multilayer cryptocurrency

Questions have arisen as to whether bitcoin is becoming a multi-layered system. Well, the answer is yes. This article aims to identify the different layers that exist on bitcoin. Everything is yours!

Have you heard of those who refer to bitcoin as digital gold? Clearly, cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance in the world of cryptography. The value of the coin is estimated to rise higher. Note, however, that the coin may gain or lose 50% of its value overnight. This is causing speculation among investors, but the currency is still ” digital gold ”. And to know if bitcoin is a multi-layered system, it is important to know that bitcoin is in two main layers. These are mining and semantic layers.

Mining layer

This is the layer that creates the coin. In addition to bitcoin, ether is also created in this layer. Once the coins are created, the valid blocks of bitcoins are transferred to the ledger. Here, the currency is created. It should be noted that currency arises from transactions in the blocks of bitcoins. Blocks are known as transaction fees. It can also be generated from the network itself, or from the air. The main advantage of creating money from the net is that it provides incentives for miners.

Semantic layer

This provides a very important platform. The semantic layer is the layer used as a means of payment for bitcoins. It also provides a platform for using Bitcoins as a repository. Sounds like a very important layer, right? Bitcoin currency holders sign valid transactions that indicate that bitcoin is starting to transfer between nodes in the semantic layer. This can also be made possible by creating smart transfer contracts. Smart contracts transfer coins between different accounts.

Lightning network

You probably don’t know about the lightning network. Bitcoin is the latest invention spread by the community. This layer will have the ability to run on bitcoin. With this invention will come a layer of application on top of bitcoin. It will be very exciting. The most interesting aspect is that its value can also be used to make payments. This will be possible by transporting its value between people. With the invention of the lightning network, bitcoin will become a transport layer as well as an application layer.

As of today, the value of bitcoin is estimated at about $ 9 billion. Bitcoin is also known to be a decentralized cryptocurrency. This means that it works without the control of a bank or administrator. Bitcoin is surely taking over the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is also important to note that the technology used in bitcoin mining is called blockchain technology. It works by enabling the distribution of digital information, not copying. Cryptos is a really exciting topic and bitcoin could surpass our major currencies in the near future.